A Bar Mitzvah is one of the most important celebrations in a Jewish adult's life. Click here to find out how you can celebrate your child’s with the perfect gift.

5 Bar Mitzvah Gifts For The Special Day

5 Bar Mitzvah Gifts For The Special Day

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Bar Mitzvahs are a special ceremony in the Jewish calendar. They mark the moment that a boy or girl becomes a Jewish adult, ready to observe their religion in a serious light and take part in public worship.

Every Jewish adult remembers their Bar Mitzvah, after all. Or at least, they remember their uncle having a little too much wine and performing a rather embarrassing dance that they don’t remember the morning after.

If you are about to celebrate a Bar Mitzvah for your child, there are plenty of things you can do to make it special. One of the most important parts of the ceremony is present giving. It is traditional to give gifts on many Jewish holidays, but bar mitzvah gifts are extra important. So you want to get your gift right.

To help you, we have compiled a list of the best gifts you can give your child to make the day as special as possible:

Investment For The Future

Because your child is reaching adulthood in Jewish terms, popular Bar Mitzvah gifts revolve around money and ensuring your child is a little more secure for their future. Investment and stocks, then, have become a popular gift when it comes to Bar Mitzvahs. Sure, they might not be a tangible present, but your child will certainly appreciate that monetary security when they get a little older.

Bar Mitzvah Jewellery

If you want to get your child something to open – because, let’s be honest, every thirteen year old loves ripping the wrapping paper off their gift – then you can’t go wrong with some specialised Bar Mitzvah jewellery. This is a really special gift that your child can immediately enjoy and wear with pride.

A Watch With Hebrew Letters

Another special gift is a watch with Hebrew letters instead of numbers. Your child is about to become more closely involved with the religion from this point on, so carrying their faith with them even in small ways like this can be important. Not to mention, a new watch is special and something to show off on their wrist!

A Gift Card

Going back to the more financial gifts, instead of investments, you can always make money a more immediate thing. A gift card is a perfect present, simply because your child gets to choose the gift itself. It gives them that freedom and excitement to traverse the internet and find something they know they would enjoy. Compared to investments, too, it is a present for now, not years down the line. Although investments are a great gift, this will certainly make a big difference when they come to open it on the big day.

A Manual To Adulthood Your kid. An adult. Perhaps the idea is quite a scary one! But never fear, because there are things you can do to get them ready for maturity. A manual to adulthood is a fun, tongue-in-cheek gift that should get them laughing. Whether it will actually get them ready for adulthood is another thing, but hey, at least you tried

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