5 Advice for Keeping the Faith in College

5 Advice for Keeping the Faith in College

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The college environment is characterized with liberalism that tests the faith of the strongest among believers. Luckily, it is a stage of self discovery for the students, presenting a chance to affirm belief and ingrain the principles into your life. Many leave college stronger than they entered as freshmen. Others have their faiths shaken to the point of being unrecognizable.


It takes a strong-willed and informed person to keep faith in campus despite the myriad of temptations. The temptations abound and the environment might not support your decision to hold onto particular principles. Get research paper examples for different topics and disciplines to make your academic work easier regardless of the course you are pursuing.

How do you keep your faith in college? Here are expert tips.

  1. Study Your Faith in Depth

Each faith is anchored in particular principles. If you do not understand these principles, the chances of losing your faith will increase. Get deeper into the faith by studying the elements in depth. Read books, articles, and journals on your faith. Attend seminars and watch documentaries about the faith. You must identify the credible writers who can be a pillar for you in faith.

The advantage of being in college is that you have access to a wide array of books and other learning materials. These materials allow you to read intensely and expand your understanding of the subject. With deep roots anchored in extensive scholarly work, there are slim chances that you can lose your faith.

  • Join a Student Faith Community

One of the ways to sustain your faith is by living and practicing it. The college environment offers numerous opportunities to live this faith through a community of believers. Such communities meet regularly for fellowship and encouragement. Join faith-based groups that will help you to grow your faith. The groups have books and other materials that will help you to deepen your faith.

  • Find a Mentor on Faith Matters

Is there a person you look up to in matters of faith? Well, look for one or engage them more often. Mentors have experienced the challenges you are facing and have overcome. They will provide tips that will make it easier to face and surmount the challenges you are facing.

  • Expect the Temptations

Your faith will be tested while in college just like all other aspects. The temptations come from peers and are reinforced by the feeling of independence that comes with being in college. Recognize that the challenges will exist and take active steps towards facing these challenges.

  • Choose a Unique Path of Faith

Do not seek to copy other people. Recognize that your faith is different and will result in unique actions as well as experiences. Find comfort in following this unique path and pursue it with passion. You will not feel out of place while living your faith.

The temptations in college are likely to derail your journey of faith. Recognize these challenges and find the best solution to safeguard your faith. It will be great pride and joy to complete your studies with your faith intact as well as stronger than your first year.

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