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40 Days for Life’s Fall Prayer Vigil to End Abortion Begins This Week

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The annual 40 Days for Life campaign will start their nationwide fall season prayer vigils to end abortion Wednesday, Sept. 25, at 7 a.m.

These vigils will take place every day from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. through Nov. 3.

The mission for 40 Days for Life, according to their website, is to “draw attention to the evil of abortion” in three ways: prayer and fasting, a constant and peaceful vigil, and community outreach.

According to a previous SpokaneFāVS article on the 40 Days for Life Spring 2019 campaign, Spokane’s vigils “began in 2008 in Spokane and [have] been held as fall or spring campaigns over the years, sometimes both, with the exception of 2009. This year, Spokane [was] one of 377 vigil locations to take place in 28 countries.”

People are invited to sign up for an hour to pray during this fall campaign, or to pray in the public right-of-way outside Planned Parenthood on 123 East Indiana Ave.

For more information or to sign up for an hour, visit Spokane’s 40 Days for Life website.

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