2021 Local News Fund Wrap-up

2021 Local News Fund Wrap-up

As one of the many informed people who receive the Spokane FāVS newsletter and make FāVS part of your everyday life, you know we are at the end of a campaign to raise funds to pay our professional journalists for their important work.

Thank you so much to those of you who have contributed online and and who have sent checks directly to FāVS!  Your support is crucial and appreciated more than you know.

For those of you who have not yet contributed to this worthwhile project, we ask that you consider doing so by Dec. 31.  While we have raised more than $2000 to support reliable, truthful and fact-based religion journalism, we are still not at our goal.

*** We need your help now. ***

Won’t you please make a gift to continue FāVS mission of reporting on the local stories that have a global perspective? Be assured, every dollar contributed makes a real difference in being able to give you the important and timely stories that matter. It is as easy as clicking the button. If you prefer, you may send a check directly to FaVS at


5115 S. Freya Street

Spokane, WA  99223

Your gift today will continue to make FaVS journalism possible tomorrow.

With gratitude:

Riff Mattre’

President, Spokane FaVS Board of Trustees

Tracy Simmons

Founder and Executive Director, Spokane FaVS

PS:  Remember: Dec. 31 is the deadline for tax-deductible charitable gifts.

PPS: Ask your employer about matching your tax-deductible charitable gifts.  It multiplies your gift to FaVS at no cost to you!

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