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12-week program on societal transformation, to begin Sept. 5

12-week program on societal transformation, to begin Sept. 5


By Hannah McCollum

The Unity Center of North Spokane will be hosting a 12-week program entitled “Releasing the Shadow – Embracing the Light,” on Tuesdays from 7 to 9 p.m., beginning Sept. 5 and concluding on Nov. 21. The purpose for this workshop is to learn how to change oneself and society to bring about “Deep Healing, Transformation and Peace.”

The program’s creator, Dr. Sharif Abdullah, is an author, speaker and advocate for societal transformation. In his book, “Creating a World that Works for All,” he outlines the problems we face in society and names their cause: exclusivity. The solution is to embrace inclusivity along with a complete shift of values and attitudes. Abdullah’s TED Talk stresses that it is our active choice to transform society, and that society’s values must change in order for any solution to our physical problems to be successful.

On the Unity Center’s website, Abdullah’s definition of shadow and light is described as:

The shadow is our own fear, it holds us back, it can even crush us to the point that we forget who we really are, and desperate, senseless actions are its result. The Light is the energy of the Divine within, it is our greatness, and moves us forward.

“Releasing the Shadow – Embracing the Light” will address four themes, four shadows, and how we can be released from their grip and instead experience the joy of light. The program’s strategy is to combat each shadow with a light; in Abdullah’s words, “You cannot fight a Shadow… you can, however, turn on the Light.” As outlined on the “Shadow to Light” website, the Shadow of Violence can be ended by turning on the Light of Peace and Security, the Shadow of the Other is ended by the Light of Inclusive Community, the Shadow of Lack is ended by the Light of True Abundance and Enoughness and the Shadow of Despair is ended by the Light of Deep Fulfillment.

The program will be on Tuesday evenings from 7 to 9 p.m., Sept. 5 through Nov. 21. The Unity Center is located at 4123 E. Lincoln Rd., Spokane. The cost of the program is $90 for 12 lessons, to cover materials and to support the Commonway Institute, the non-profit Dr. Abdullah directs. To receive certification in the “Shadow to Light” process, the cost is $120.

To register or learn more, call the Unity Center of North Spokane at 509-489-6964, or call Wendy Denman at 509-994-5309.




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