How faith helps overcome addiction

How faith helps overcome addiction

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Alcoholism is not just a disease, not just a bad habit. This is the strongest spiritual and bodily addiction, one of the eight human passions. This disease is rooted not at all in the human body – the unpleasant consequences of alcohol withdrawal pass quite quickly – but in the soul.

An alcoholic becomes dependent on the sensations that alcohol produces in their soul, it is already very difficult for them to live without these sinful sensations. Let’s say more: if a person does not learn to deal with passion in earthly life, alcohol addiction will torment them forever, and they will not be able to satisfy their passion in one life or another. So, you need to overcome it here and now with the help of faith and a reliable rehab without insurance. God’s help is extremely important; however, specialists with medical education and experienced rehab facilities shouldn’t be ignored as well. There are a lot of options for rehabs, which do not require medical insurance, especially funded by Christian organizations. Take a look at the list at the link above and find a nice treatment option in your city.

First steps

The passion for wine drinking is a chronic, rooted disease. But even a neglected disease can be cured. And she is treated not with pills and injections, but with personal inner work, the feat of the patient themselves. And most importantly, what is needed for this is the following:

1. The realization that you are dependent on alcohol.

You need to realize that you cannot control yourself, that you no longer rule over passion, but it over you. Almost all people who drink for the time being are in a dangerous euphoria, convincing themselves: “I can stop drinking at any moment, I have everything under control. Terrible stories about drunk people who have lost their human appearance are not about me, I will never fall into such slavery.” In fact, alcohol does not let anyone go so easily; having become addicted, a person gets rid of it with great difficulty.

Also, realizing your weakness, you need to understand that drunkenness, like any passion, can be dealt with not by our weak forces, but only with the help of God — help for addicts without insurance and money. If a person achieves something with his own efforts, binds passion for a while, the effect will be short-lived, and soon the passion will return again. Why? Because they relied only on their own strength, showed pride, and the devil again laughed at us.

2. Determination to lead a constant fight against drunkenness.

It is very difficult to overcome an old passion, but – with the help of God and help for alcoholics without insurance – it is possible. Only for this you need not look back, you need to believe in the success of the planned business.

Any passion not only torments a person, but also delivers a lot of pleasant sensations, otherwise no one would be captured by it. This makes it very difficult to fight addiction. It is very difficult for a person to refuse the pleasantness of sin. He becomes related to him, and it is much easier for him to live with passion than to stand up for a merciless struggle with it. Most alcoholics are well aware that alcohol is ruining them, but they do not have a firm determination to take the path of fighting their passion. It turns out that “and you want (to stop drinking), and it pricks.” A person thinks: well, how will I live without my dear, familiar “joys of life”? And the demons begin to inspire thoughts: all the same, nothing will work out, it’s better not to even try, but to live, as before, “not shaky, not roll.” That’s what determination is needed for – to overcome the captivity of passion, laziness and other temptations. Very many people who quit drinking said that their real, full and happy life began just after getting rid of the disease, and before that they did not live, but simply somehow existed, vegetated.

3. Replacing the joys of drinking with genuine joys.

Both alcohol and drugs are a very simple way to instantly get joy, euphoria. They help a person get away from problems, isolate themselves from them. And while alcohol or drugs act in the body, a person has a certain ersatz of happiness. What he, perhaps, could not get in life, for which much effort must be made, is given instantly. And to get real, genuine happiness, you need to work hard. Especially often a person becomes an alcoholic or a drug addict when he is unfavorable in his family, personal life. People lose the meaning of their existence and fill the inner emptiness with alcohol or drugs. The famous Austrian psychiatrist V. Frankl said that about 80% of alcoholics and 100% of drug addicts are people who have not found meaning in life or have lost it, they experience an existential vacuum, feeling the meaninglessness of existence. Indeed, there is no point in treating an alcoholic if, after leaving the clinic, they do not know why they will no longer drink alcohol.

When logotherapy (drug treatment programs no insurance) was used at the American Addiction Recovery Center in California , they achieved a 40 percent cure rate, while only 11 percent of patients were cured by traditional methods. That is why the percentage of stable remission is so high in the centers for the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction at churches and monasteries. After all, those who suffer are shown the true meaning of life – in God, in faith, in work for the good of the Church and people. They repent of sins (and without repentance it is impossible to overcome passion), participate in the sacraments, and pray together for healing.

If a person firmly wants to stop drinking and works to find real joy – in faith, in prayerful fellowship with God, in the family, in love, in fellowship with loved ones, helping people, in working for the benefit of others, in a favorite pastime, they begin a completely new life filled with joy and meaning.

To give specific advice, you need to see a person personally, you need to know their story in as much detail as possible, you need to figure out many things together. In this case, when I have only one letter in front of me, consisting of several sentences, any advice will turn out to be a gross interference in my personal life. That is why the Church always calls to look for a no insurance alcohol rehab or an experienced confessor who will be closely acquainted with the life of a person, with their family, who will look at their problems with open eyes.

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