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Benefits of Investing in CBD

Sponsored Content Stress can do a number on you in different ways. Taking an active role in your physical and mental well-being by using something like CBD is a good idea for many reasons that’ll help you turn over a new leaf. Natural Care When it comes to regular creams, …

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What is CBD Oil for The Spiritual Life?

Cannabis and CBD can be tricky to work with for spiritual purposes. Marijuana has been playing a crucial role in human spiritually for over 10,000 years now. This is, however, in contrast with the ongoing stigma around people who use cannabis, whether for medical or recreational purposes.

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Cannabis and Religion

Brought to you by Vapingdaily.com Being a Catholic or Orthodox Christian, you might be caught off-guard when looking at such a headline. The reason is that cannabis is, to put it mildly, difficult to be found among traditional ecclesial pious symbols. The questions that arise in front of a true …

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