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Cannabis and Religion

Brought to you by Vapingdaily.com Being a Catholic or Orthodox Christian, you might be caught off-guard when looking at such a headline. The reason is that cannabis is, to put it mildly, difficult to be found among traditional ecclesial pious symbols. The questions that arise in front of a true …

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5 Ethical and Sustainable Luxury Brands for Eco-Friendly Fashion

The term “luxury fashion” is often tied to consumerism, lavish lifestyle, and unethical manufacturing. But the growing social and environmental consciousness of the millennial generation is now changing the way we see the luxury industry. For instance, many people are making conscious efforts when buying high-end authentic watches and fashionable clothing.

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The Comeback of Blue-Collar Jobs

While many people were hailing the IT industry as the next big thing in terms of employment prospects and overall development not long ago, things no long seem to be moving in that direction.

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