Last month the National Association of Evangelicals reported 80 percent of young evangelicals have engaged in premarital sex. And, almost a third of evangelicals’ unplanned pregnancies end in abortion.

The stats led some faith leaders to say abstinence and anti-abortion campaigns are no longer working.

The news got us wondering about sex education. We asked our panelists about it.

Which is more effective, teaching safe sex or teaching abstinence?

Responses to this Viewpoint

No sex is safe sex.

Thomas J. Brown |

This question is timely for me, as I recently watched the 2010 documentary Let's Talk About Sex, which, “takes a revealing look at how American attitudes towards adolescent sexuality affect today’s teenagers.” The film examines how American society's attitudes toward sex–and specifically sex education–are hurting our young adults.


  1. Since when did most American students not get both? Please this is a ridiculous strawman. Avoid setting fires in your living room, unless it’s in the fireplace where fires are meant to be. If one is started on the living room floor use a fire-estiguisher. Common sense stuff. To say a fire isn’t best placed in the hearth is nuts. The whole subject is handled in a loony way in my opinion. Libs think handling ones hormones is above a young person or because fires are burning down houses it must be because we build hearths. Crazy talk in my opinion.

  2. I started to agree with Eric Blauer’s comment, at least his first sentence. He lost me when he said that using a fire extinguisher on a fire started on the living room floor was common sense. If someone started a fire on my living room floor, i would be calling a mental health professional, as well fire department and police. Or is Eric trying to say pregnancies, like a fire, can simply be put out? Then I was completely mystified by his “Libs think handling one’s hormones is above a young person…”
    The safest sex is indeed no sex, but if anyone cares to live in the real world, and do more than cross their fingers against pregnancies by those thoroughly not ready, safe sex is what they hope is taught. Those who teach “abstinence only” to our youth are those who consciously chose to live in a fantasy land. They are willfully ignorant.

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