Viewpoints: What’s your favorite thing about Spokane?

Spokane River, view from Downtown Spokane

Spokane River, view from Downtown Spokane

This week’s question doesn’t need a lot of buildup.

There’s a reason Spokane has more than 209,000 residents. Is it the people that make Spokane great? The landscape? The weather? All of the above?

We asked our writers what their favorite thing is about Spokane, and want to hear from you too!


3 Responses to “Viewpoints: What’s your favorite thing about Spokane?”

  1. Jan Shannon

    Jan Shannon

    When I moved here in 1986, I immediately noticed the small-town feel of Spokane, and yet there is a symphony orchestra and four large hospitals too. . Within and hour’s drive of Spokane you have horses, trendy beer joints, cows, a symphony, great fishing, theater venues, white water rafting, snow AND water skiiing, hiking trails, urban living, and vast untouched wilderness. We also have all four seasons but no extreme weather phenomena. We get blistering hot summer days and bitterly cold winter days, but each only for a few days at a time. To me, Spokane pretty much has it all!

  2. Truth Seeker

    My favorite thing about Spokane is those Street Preachers…. I love them

  3. Mark

    The fact that a house nearly identical to one that costs $200,000 in Portland only costs $75,000 in Spokane is a big plus. (Never mind that there aren’t any good-paying jobs in Spokane.) I like the Healing Room. It’s pretty cool. You can hang out in their Glory Room for awhile. Then one of their people will pray for your healing. It’s free too. Victory Faith Fellowship over in Spokane Valley is pretty cool too.


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