Interfaith marriages are on the rise.

According to the General Social Survey, 15 percent of U.S households were mixed-faith in 1988. Then, in 2006, that number rose 25 percent. Today, less than a quarter of young adults surveyed said they think it is important to marry someone of the same faith.

But religion isn't just about worship. It trickles into how couples raise their families, manage their finances and live their day-to-day lives. We asked our panelists if they grew up in a mixed faith home and what their experience was.

Were you raised by parents of two different faiths? How did that influence your beliefs?



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  1. Lindsey Treffry

    By the time I was 8-years-old, my parents divorced. My Dad joined a Spokane Unity church and adamantly attended every Sunday. I tagged along, joined the youth group and bonded with my Dad over church throughout the years. My mom and I bounced around from church to church for a few years, but by age 10 or 11, we stopped. I attended church every Sunday with my Dad throughout high school — even Unity church camps.

    There was never any pressure to like any of the churches — Unity or otherwise. While my parents had similar religious beliefs, the practice of going to church every Sunday was viewed differently. Through my parents marriage and divorce it made me realize how UN-important it is for your spouse to be of the same religion.

  2. I definitely agree that tares are the issue. Wheat will work for the kidgonm in one accord, or at least come to one accord eventually–misunderstandings are bound to happen on this side of eternity. Divisions with the pastor and within congregations usually come because of a lack of focus on the most importance thing, Jesus Christ.I’m very happy with my current church as the pastoral staff love getting behind their congregations’ ideas and running with them, offering suggestions and corrections along the way, empowering the people of God rather than ruling them. It’s very refreshing to have that kind of environment.

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