The Nativity/Wikipedia image

The Nativity/Wikipedia image

Signs and billboards have popped around Spokane urging passers-by to remember that “Jesus is the reason for the season.”

According to, most people feel Christmas can and should be celebrated by people of all faiths and by unbelievers. Others, however, feel like it’s become a consumer holiday and the true meaning has been forgotten.

We took the issue to our writers.

Is it OK for non-Christians to celebrate Christmas? Why or why not?

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  1. Andy CastroLang

    I know many Christians and ministers (me too!) wrings their hands over the “commercialization” of Christmas, but recently a UCC writer, name of Quinn Caldwell, asked this question,

    “But I wonder whether we go too far, like the Puritans who forbade the celebration of Christmas altogether because of its roots in paganism. I mean, if God can make unclean animals clean for Peter to eat, can’t God find a way to turn a pagan holiday into a Christian one? And mightn’t God even be powerful enough to co-opt the culture’s co-optation of the day of his birth?”

    It’s a clever thought, and a humbling one. The gift of Christmas is experienced in myriad wonderful ways. It doesn’t belong to any single body any more, any more than God can be claimed by any one group to the exclusion of others. God is great, and mysterious, and in the birth of Jesus, we Christians believe, God is with us in a specific act of generous and profound love. Can’t we try to show just a little more of the generosity of God and less judgment? Share light, share love, give love, give warmth, pour yourself into this world and care for it…in December, and throughout the year.

  2. Mark Hilditch

    I don’t think Jesus would be too pleased to be credited with a whole lot of what this culture has made the Christmas season to be. So many folks end up spending too much money on stuff people do not need, going to so many parties they cannot remember one from another, putting up mountains of decorations with little or no meaning, and eating thousands of unnecessary and unhealthy calories. What of all this would Jesus want to see being blamed on him?

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