It's hard to believe we've already burned half way through January, isn't it? Before we jump into the next spiritual season, there's still time to reflect on the last year.

We asked our panelists about it.

Looking back at 2012, what were the biggest spiritual lessons you learned?

Responses to this Viewpoint

Lesson: Time stops for no one

Eric Blauer |

The biggest spiritual lesson I learned this year is time stops for no one.

I had two of my four kids move out during the summer. My only daughter got married and my oldest son moved out with a buddy.

In 2012 I learned I am loved, valued

Anna Marie Martin |

This is a great question. There were lots of humbling experiences and spiritual lessons in 2012, not the least of which were “getting married,” and “turning 40.”  May I rephrase: The combination of turning 40 and then getting married, made it so clear to me that this life I have now, while, not necessarily the life I'd imagined for myself, is also real, and so beautiful.

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