Recently Mashable described Deepak Chopra as, “a guru of personal well-being, faith and the intersection of eastern and western medicine.”

Chopra's work has recently become more popular thanks to the Internet. He has 1.2 million Twitter followers. On Google+ he has more than 680,000 followers and now he has his own YouTube channel.

He spoke with Mashable about how social media and technology has enhanced his faith, noting, “With social networks, there is no ethnic, racial or geographical boundary. We can bring people into humanity by transcending those boundaries.”

Others, however, have said technology is causing a problem in faith communities because it detracts from face-to-face relationships.

We asked our panelists about it.

Is technology helping or hindering your faith?

Responses to this Viewpoint

Technology is greatly helping my faith

Diane Kipp |

Technology is greatly helping my faith, and here are just a few of the ways, big and small, in no particular order, that we love technology:

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon/LDS) is big time into genealogy/family history, and you can imagine how computers and the internet have helped that work.

Technology strengthens connections

Eric Blauer |

In our church community group last week we called our friends on mission in Sudan, Africa from the living room of the home where we were meeting. We talked to our missionaries as a small group, while the mother of one of the missionaries held her smart phone up so all could hear.

I see technology as something neutral

Lace Williams-Tinajero |

Everyday my 3-year old son and I partake of this ritual. As we sit at our cozy kitchen table and eat lunch together, he’ll say, “Mama, do you want to play ‘Santa Claus is comin’ to town’?”

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