VIEWPOINTS: Is it OK to try to contact the dead?

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor said in her memoir “My Beloved World” that her grandmother used to conduct séances and wanted her to become a mystic. She told Time magazine in the Feb. 11 issue that she has no regrets that her mother ruled out such a career option. “I don’t meddle with what I don’t understand and I don’t question other people’s beliefs,” Sotomayor told Time.

Do you believe that it’s possible to contact people who have died through seances? If so, do you think it’s spiritually OK to do so? Why or why not?

We asked our panelists.

Is it OK to try to contact the dead?

One Response to “VIEWPOINTS: Is it OK to try to contact the dead?”

  1. Dennis

    I’m with you Eric. The Bible warns against this practice, it is another one of those pesky “rules” that are there for our own good and protection. Satan’s forte is deception and those relatives that are supposedly speaking, I believe, are rather demons, fallen angels, hoping to draw those who want spirituality without Christ away from Him.


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