It's been awhile since a Public Policy Polling question went from Congress to God, but on the Rachel Maddow Show last month the question came alive once again.

Quote, “If God exists, do you approve or disapprove of its performance”? It turns out God`s approval rating is not that bad, 52 percent of people approve of God`s godliness, Maddow said.

We decided to tweak the question and give it to our panelists.

If God exists, do you approve of his/her performance?



Responses to this Viewpoint

Creation is doing quite well

Joe Niemiec |

Our teaching has its roots in the 18th century transcendentalist movement, which was considered pantheistic in its understanding of God; the Universe itself is Spirit manifest. In this regard, I believe that the unfoldment creation is doing quite well.

God has done a great job

Pearce Fujiura |

God has done a great job. He/She/It has made a wonderful world beyond our comprehension. Creation is so vast and complex that everything imaginable is possible and yet God has given it a structure that has allowed for predictability within this realm.

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  1. Chris Robertson

    It depends on which God the question is addressing: if the question refers to the fallible and very human gods of Olympus or Valhalla, they seem to have come to a fairly reasonable compromise in the present world between chaos and order, warfare and peace, suffering and happiness.

    If, however, the question refers to a singular, Abrahamic God, one would have to assume he missed his morning coffee on the day of creation, so to speak.

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