Summer in Spokane means long, hot days and short, warm nights. And, apparently, at least downtown, it also means shirtless men abound.

So do spaghetti straps, tanks tops and short shorts.

Is there anything wrong with this? Or is it just the summertime norm?

We asked our panelists how faith and clothes intersect for them this time of year.

How does your faith influence your summer wardrobe?


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Responses to this Viewpoint


Amy Rice |

Dressing modestly is definitely a year-round activity for me.

It often involves finding something I like, then figuring out how to modify it or wear something with it.

My faith influences my wardrobe year round

Diane Kipp |

My faith influences my wardrobe year round, though of course that influence is more noticeable when we all want to dress  (or undress) for the heat.

In the LDS faith, we believe that all of us are children of God, made in His image, and that our bodies are temples and should be treated with respect.

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  1. A few navigating rules to put the “FUN” in Fundementalist:

    -Underwear is meant to be under what you wear…if it won’t fit, its probably not legit.

    -Nipples are for babies and daddies but not at the same time. FYI

    -Speedos are not neato

    -Even gorillas groom, shave it, don’t display it.

    -Even Victoria says she has a secret…leave something to the imagination.

    -Thongs are meant for the feet…not butt floss.

    -If I can get more of a show from you for free at the lake or pool than I can on East Sprague for $50…than you might want to think through your bathing game.

    And one lesson I learned on the beaches of western Europe, man boobs look less painful running than a woman’s.

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