What do you call that feeling in the pit of your stomach telling you to take that job, to buy that house, that car, to go through downtown instread of taking the freeway?

Instinct, some might say. Others might say that nudge is God's voice.

Humanist chaplain Chris Stedman said, ”A calling is more than a job; it's something that matters to you, drives you, inspires you. It's what gets you out of bed in the morning.”

It got us wondering, so we asked our panelists about it.

Have you ever felt called by a higher power to do something?


Responses to this Viewpoint


Mark Kadel |

Absolutely! God, in His desire to have an intimate relationship with his creation, created in his image, leads us in the path he has set

Yes, many times

Lace Williams-Tinajero |

Yes, many times. A prompting may come as I read Scripture, or it may come out of the blue in the form of a sense or nudge. Typically, I don't have to pour much thought into what God is calling me to do. Sometimes I'd rather pull a Jonah though and go a different direction. […]

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