Musician Roseanne Cash, daughter of Johnny Cash, describes herself as a Buddhistipalian. She told Radio Host Krista Tippett in a recent interview that she's a Pagan, post-feminist, progressive who values non-violence, compassion and impermanence. 

“….But Buddhiscopalian is actually kind of close to what I feel myself to be in religious terms. Buddhist because I actually studied more about Buddhism than I did any other religion, and it makes the most sense to me — self-awareness, compassion, nonviolence, what else…,” she said.

It seems her interfaith values are catching on. We asked our writers about it.

Do you think it's possible to be a little bit Buddhist, a little bit Christian, a little bit Sikh, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Agnostic, etc.?

Responses to this Viewpoint

You can study other religions without becoming them

Joe Niemiec |

It is possible to have studied numerous different traditions, but the study of a tradition does not mean we have “become” that, even a little bit. Many people have a faith of choice and then add to their philosophical and spiritual armory the ideas they are attracted to within other traditions.


  1. I’m with you Mark. God said He would not share His glory with another. The OT is filled with examples of Israel worshipping “a little bit of everything”. God called it evil rebellion against Him. He hasn’t changed since then and the Bible also says that some day every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ, He is Lord. I believe some will do it on the way to eternal punishment, but will bow the knee nevertheless. Better to do it now.

  2. Alice_Wondering

    Yes, I do think it possible to “be” a little bit of the aforementioned faiths. What you look for, are the common denominators to each. Such as all condemn murder, and have an emphasis on Truth-Telling, and so on and so forth. One set of common dominators we have is common are Core Ethical Principles. All reach into expressions of only five; Fairness, Justice, “Doing the Right Thing,” defined as “not using others as a means to an end.” “Creating the Greater Good” and then taking every step to reduce the result harm that ALLWAYS comes about in the process of creating that “Greater Good.” And, the “Virtue” Principle, that we have a Duty, not only to our Brethren, our children, and ourselves, but to the Creator to strive towards a “Greater Self.” Each of these principles echo through all of the Faiths of the World within the various expressions throughout the World. Look, and you will see them at work. The common denominator between them is “Ethics.” Eventually, I think, the UN will pioneer the establishment of a globally enforced Human Rights initiative, where EVERY human will be entitled to certain Rights that cannot be taken away. A “Global Ethic.”

    At least, that is what I thinks…

    (and to be honest, I think this is a better answer than God involves Himself in pissing contests)

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