According to the American Pets Products Association, we spent more than $50 billion on our pets last year. And most American households, 63 percent, have at least one pet at home.

No doubt we love our critters.

They offer companionship, sure. But, why? Where do those furry personalities come from? And, sniff, what happens to them when they leave this earth? 

We asked our panelists.

Do animals have souls?

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Responses to this Viewpoint

What is a soul?

Ryan Downie |

My answer to this question will have to be short.  The reason for this is, as stated, I'm not exactly sure what the question means.

I believe animals do have souls

Diane Kipp |

I believe animals do have souls. If a God-created and God-given spirit or soul is what animates all of us humans, and I believe it is, then it makes sense that it is the same thing that gives life to animals and all living creatures

Yes, animals have souls

Pearce Fujiura |

I love this question!  Yes, animals have souls. Buddhists believe that the intangible immeasurable portion of a person that makes up what is best described as a soul does not simply vanish when they are gone but it redistributed and moved into a new vessel. This concept is widely known as reincarnation.  Many Buddhist practitioners […]

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