Monday, Nov 20, 2017
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An analysis of Robert Nelson’s “proof” of god

What is it about some religious believers who are not content merely to faithfully profess their assorted beliefs, but insist on jumping the shark by arguing that those beliefs are somehow provable in a way no one but a recalcitrant blockhead could deny?

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Ask an Atheist: Religion in the Workplace

More generally, since Christianity at least is at heart an evangelical "share the Good News to all" religion, that a believer feels obligated to do exactly that has never been a problem for me, nor do I take offense to it.

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Ask an Atheist: Is atheism dependent on religion?

Logically, it is up to believers in god(s) to make a positive case for belief in their god(s) to the exclusion of all others. That typically is a tough hurdle, which is why so many defenders of particular god(s) prefer to restrict their argument to their faith vs none at all atheism, rather than a far slipperier comparative religion defense.

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