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Ask a Buddhist: Do Buddhists worship idols?

A person unfamiliar with Buddhism could easily inspect a Buddhist temple filled with statues and wonder, "Are these people worshiping idols?" Your question may help others feel more comfortable with Buddhists and Buddhist settings, so thanks for asking.

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Ask a Buddhist: Am I a Buddhist?

His Holiness the Dalai Lama says that you can use any of the Buddha’s teachings that help you in your life without becoming “Buddhist” or adopting the Buddhist worldview.

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Ask a Buddhist: What is Nirvana?

The short answer: nirvana is the state of having eliminated all our disturbing emotions and distorted attitudes so that they can never arise in us again. The long answer...

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Ask A Buddhist: The Birth of the Buddha

No one account gives the full story of the Buddha’s birth, and it seems that later sources may have added some exaggeration to the recorded accounts, including features that may seem superhuman.

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