Monday, Apr 27, 2015

Service of Lament and Hope

Here’s another Sept. 11 memorial event for you to take note of. From Pastor Liv Larson-Andrews:

“We Come. We Cry. We Pray. We Hope.
We gather for an ecumenical service of prayer and lament on the eve of September 11, 2011. We mourn the loss of life, we lament the rule of violence over the last decade, and we prayerfully seek peace for the decade to come. All are welcome.
September 10, 2011 at 8pm
Salem Lutheran Church
1428 W Broadway Ave, 2 blocks west of the courthouse
The service will include readings from scripture and elsewhere, a ritual hand-blessing, and a community art project. ” Sounds like it will be a touching service. Have an Sept. 11 service you’d like us to post? E-mail
Tracy Simmons

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