November 2014: Religion and Politics

The American Nightmare: Politics for Politics’ Sake” by Matthew Sewell

When it comes to America’s political atmosphere, how often do we ask ourselves “what’s the point?” (READ MORE)

Religion, politics and the supposed wall of separation between the two” by Dr. Arlin Migliazzo

We often hear about the supposed “wall of separation” between religious life and political life in the United States. (READ MORE)

The Bloody Trap of Faith and Politics” by Eric Blauer

“It’s a trap!” -Admiral Ackbar, Return of the Jedi

Jesus coined that iconic meme when the pharisees tried to trap him in a ‘faith and politics’ question. (READ MORE)

Dunn, from Gonzaga, to discuss Islamic State at next Coffee Talk

Dunn, who teaches comparative Islamic and Christian ethics said she plans to discuss the Islamic State and how it is both consistent with, and deviates from, certain constructions of political Islam. (READ MORE)

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