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From the Good Neighbor Conference: Pay attention, be present


By Toni Niemiec

At the Good Neighbor Conference on Saturday I attended a workshop that Tracy Simmons gave on Courageous Conversations and Listening. She shared that the average attention span of a human is 7 seconds…of a goldfish is 8 seconds. The point isn’t to dispute how they measured the attention span of a goldfish (or any other point your mind wanders off on) …rather, if we are to cultivate listening our practice becomes to focus and re-focus on present moment.

A difference between a human and a goldfish is that humans can consciously choose to change.

My practice today is to be present
Wherever I am ~ whomever I’m with
Focusing and refocusing on the
Present moment.

Toni Niemiec

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Walking the spiritual path has been part of the Rev. Toni Niemiec's life as long as she can remember. She said as a child she was not raised in a “traditional” religion.

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