February Coffee Talk: Religious Misconceptions

Matzoh isn’t Jesus: 10 misconceptions about Jews and Judaism” by Neal Schindler

Being Jewish, especially in a very Christian place like Spokane, means frequently having to deal with misconceptions about your cultural and religious traditions.  (READ MORE)

Misconceptions about Islam and Muslims,” by Admir Rasic

Out of the major world religions, Islam is among the most misunderstood. (READ MORE)

Religious Misconceptions about the Catholic Church” by Matthew Sewell

When I think of religious misconceptions and the Catholic Church, I legitimately have to stifle a laugh as I think to myself, “Where do I even start?” (READ MORE)

Stereotypes block understanding about Mormonism” by Emily Geddes

In 2009, Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie gave a TED talk entitled, “The Danger of a Single Story.” (READ MORE)

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Ask a Jew: If the Jewish people believe the Savior is yet to come, why have most Jews forgone the written law in the Hebrew Scriptures?

And just for the record: “The Jewish people” aren’t a monolith.

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