All Nations Christian Center


1827 East Pacific Ave., Spokane

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Type: House of Worship

Denomination: Christian - Protestant/OtherNondenominationalBuild Date: 1909

Primary Contact

Name: Rev. Vince Schott
Title: Senior Pastor

Secondary Contact

Name: Rev. Seth Sasan
Title: Executive Pastor

This church is a fine example of the Gothic Revival architectural style, which is primarily used in Christian religious structures. Gothic Revival characteristics present include the ubiquitous pointed arches seen in the windows and the tracery, the tall pointed spires, the buttress-like pilasters, and just the general vertical appearance of the building. The church first opened in 1909 as the Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Sion Church. The plan was similar to the current one, but the building was constructed of wood frame. Not until 1922, when the name was changed to the Grace English Lutheran Church, was the brick veneer applied to the exterior walls, excepting, curiously, the belfries, which were covered with metal sheets imitating brick. After 1931 the church was known as Grace Lutheran Church. It remains in service at the present time. Ordinarily, religious properties are not considered eligible for listing on the National Register under Criterion A. However, under Criterion Consideration A, a church may be determined eligible under Criterion C for deriving primary significance from architectural distinction. Therefore, Grace Lutheran Church, as an outstanding example of the Gothic Revival architectural style in Spokane, appears to be eligible for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places under Criterion C.

Formerly housed teh Swedish Evanglical Lutheran Sion Church, commonly called Grace Lutheran.


Sun 9 a.m., 11 a.m., Wed 7 p.m.

Programs, Groups, & Educational Information


Businessmen's Luncheon

Programs and Groups

Ecclesia Youth, Men's Ministry, Women's Ministry, Children's Ministry, Fight Right Devotional

Educational Options

Leadership School


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