December 2014 Coffee Talk

“Faith and Consumerism” 

The more we buy, the less we feel?” by Nicole Sheets

I aspire to eat healthy, minimally processed foods that I prepare myself, with local  ingredients, in my own kitchen. (READ MORE).

Faith and Consumerism: The forgotten gift” by Nicholas Damasus

Rampant consumerism can be seen as the exploitation of the consumer. (READ MORE)

More than Enough” by Carrie Lockhert

They filed in one by one, heads down, reluctant to meet a welcoming smile, unsure of what they might find. (READ MORE)

Lent Vs. Zappos by Carrie Lockhert

I remember during Lent last year how I sat in the pew listening to the sermon about how we are dust and we will return to dust and I remember I felt myself rebelling (READ MORE)

The solution to consumerism by Corbin Croy

Remember that part of the Bible where it says that you cannot serve both God and money? (READ MORE)

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