June Coffee Talk: What Makes a Good Leader?


June Coffee Talk/Photo by Josie Camarillo
June Coffee Talk/Photo by Josie Camarillo

In June, at Indaba, SpokaneFAVS held a Coffee Talk on “What Makes a Good Leader?”

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“A recipe for leadership”

Making food and enjoying it with others is one of my greatest joys.

“Adaptive Leadership: Change as the only constant variable”

It can be difficult to come to agreement, particularly in a world with complex issues, diverse populations, a plethora of perspectives, and countless variables.

“BRIEF: Leadership Spokane Member to be guest panelist at upcoming Coffee Talk”

Lance Kissler will be the guest panelist at the next SpokaneFAVS Coffee Talk, on June 7.

“Who will the next leaders be?”

I’m getting older, and one day I won’t be the leader anymore.

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