Coffee Talk: Faith and Technology

In March SpokaneFAVS held a Coffee Talk discussion on Faith & Technology. Below are related posts.


“Social media adviser to be guest panelist at Coffee Talk”

Social Media “hired gun”, Mike Ellis, will be the guest panelist for Saturday’s Coffee Talk on faith and technology.

“How technology presents an opportunity for people of faith”

Thanks to the innovations of the Roman Empire, the Christian Apostle Paul was able to travel widely and disseminate his letters to the early Christian communities well beyond its starting point in Palestine.

“That awkward moment…”

Perhaps you’ve seen the memes.

“Churches and technology: The good, the bad and the ugly”

Before I delve into the topic for the upcoming Coffee Talk, let me point out that I am far from the first, the last or the most qualified person to discuss this subject.

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And just for the record: “The Jewish people” aren’t a monolith.

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