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Coffee Talk: Crime and Punishment

SpokaneFAVS wrapped up 2013 with a Coffee Talk discussion on crime and punishment. Related posts are below.

December Coffee Talk/Tracy Simmons
December Coffee Talk/Tracy Simmons

“Crimes, society and restorative justice”

Crimes are society’s way of defining unacceptable behavior.

Who’s responsible for crime, punishment and the death penalty?

Imagine a concrete box called home for years, 23 hours a day, shuffling in chains when you do get out for that 60 minutes per day.

The best way to make a nonviolent offender violent, is to put him in prison” 

In the health field, it is critical to identify the cause of a problem so that it can be removed or corrected.

“How a padded room opened me up to a new view of crime and punishment”

I remember viewing my first “holding room” in a local youth detention facility.

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