Friday, Dec 15, 2017
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Spokane area churches to honor Sept. 11 anniversary

09/14/13 It’s been a decade since those planes crashed into the Twin Towers and Spokane’s faith community is honoring the anniversary with solemn services and prayers. Colville United Church of Christ is organizing a community-wide remembrance. In a press release Rev. Jim CastroLang wrote, ” So much has been said about the impact of 9/11 upon us in the past …

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Booze, Conversation and God

09/14/13Church isn’t for everyone. Getting up early, singing songs and being preached at may not be your idea of an enjoyable day off. Rev. Deb Conklin of Liberty Park and St. Paul’s United Methodist Churches knows that (she pastors two churches). For many people, including herself, faith grows out of dialogue, not lectures. That’s why last year she started Faith …

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Serving refugees living in Spokane

09/14/13 Moving to a new city isn’t easy. Trust me, I know. You have to learn your way around, learn new policies and meet new people. It takes awhile to adjust. But moving to a whole new country, that’s another story. Where do you start? How do you find work? Learn the language? Spokane has a rather large immigrant population …

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Evolving student ministries

09/14/13I spent the weekend in Pullman and came up with a great story idea! Have you heard of the Interfaith House at Washington State University? It used to be called the “K-House”, or Koinonia House, but changed its name last year to show its new ecumenical focus. From the ministry’s website, “The Common Ministry at Washington State University begins the …

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On Sacred Grounds, a peculiar but wonderful coffee shop

09/14/13[youtube] The best thing about On Sacred Grounds, a coffee shop in Valleyford, is its owner Elaine Rising. First of all, what a cool name. Elaine Rising, it sounds like a book title about a woman overcoming hopeless odds. I don’t know much about Elaine, other than that she grew up as a Byzantine Catholic and wears distinctive hats …

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