Friday, Sep 22, 2017
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Why Do I Support the Occupation?

09/14/13 Over the last month, I've been spending time with Occupy Spokane. I've marched, held signs, waved at friendly passers-by, and attended their General Assembly. For the last two weeks, I've helped facilitate the Assembly. Some folks have been asking why I'm spending my time this way, what does it have to do with the church?My answer is that it …

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Bicycling around the world, and across Spokane

09/14/13 At the Sikh Temple this weekend I had the pleasure of meeting Avijit Chakraborty of India. He arrived, by bicycle, in Spokane on Friday and leaves tomorrow morning for Seattle. Spokane was a pit stop for him on his quest to ride across the world. So far he's rode across 59 countries and has pedaled more than 37,000 miles. …

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Spokane clergy pray outside banks, join Occupy Spokane

09/14/13[youtube] God is not pleased with the divide between the rich and the poor. That was the message today as about 15 mainline Protestant pastors and leaders marched through downtown Spokane, stopping outside of banks and River Park Square to pray and to bless the buildings with holy water and incense. “We bid your spirit to come down on …

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St. David’s offers Celtic service

09/14/13 There aren’t pews in first few rows of St. David’s Episcopal Church. Instead, there are several chairs (which match the pews) that can be easily arranged to form a circle. And that’s exactly what happens Sundays at 11 a.m. for the church’s Celtic Eucharist. Rev. Elaine Breckenridge explained that the purpose of a Celtic service is to invite people …

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Justified Ignorance

09/14/13By Religion News Spokane Blogger Daryl Geffken I submit that the distinctive hallmark for human depravity is this: we can justify anything. If there is something that I want, I can spin my brain into a fervor that produces a 3-point argument (complete with 8×10 color glossy photos with circles and arrows) that allows me to feel right in my …

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Disparity, injustices cause sleepless nights

09/14/13By Religion News Spokane Blogger Daryl Geffken I’ve been waking up early a lot. Not so much “early” in the sense of watching the sunrise and all that… early as in 330am. I’m not totally sure why. I tend to wake from a strange dream (I was just asked by a bartender if I wanted my pint of beer in …

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