Sunday, Jan 21, 2018
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Building community through social media

09/14/13 I am a “social media writer” for SpokaneFAVS. I care about the ways social media can help spiritual communities. For many years I have been advocating the potential for good that can come from the tools of technology. I am a veteran of almost 30 years through “trial and error” dating back to 1984 when I got my first …

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Advancing your church in the Digital Age

09/14/13 Many churches are struggling to figure out this whole Internet thing. Does a church need a website? What should be on it? What about Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Pinterest? Overwhelmed yet? Tonight SpokaneFAVS editor Tracy Simmons will lead a workshop, “Advancing your church in the Digital Age” where she’ll discuss how churches can develop a true Web presence. A new …

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White House proposal gives religious groups more say in birth control mandate

09/14/13 The Obama administration is offering to expand the number of faith-based groups that can be exempt from the controversial contraception mandate, and proposing that third-party companies administer coverage for self-insured faith-based groups at no cost. At its heart, the newest offering from the White House would allow religious groups — dioceses, denominations and others — to decide which affiliated …

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LDS volunteers celebrate Humanitarian Day

09/14/13 Last month more than 200 Mormon volunteers spent the day serving the Spokane community. On Humanitarian Day (Feb. 25) members of The Spokane East Stake Relief Society created “wish list” items for 15 area organizations, including toys, pictures books and quilts. “I love the origin of this day. Instead of our sisters creating projects that we would find homes …

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Porn business not something to be proud of

09/14/13 Rick Santorum is concerned about pornography and its affects on Americans. His website states he, “believes that federal obscenity laws should be vigorously enforced,” and, if he is elected president,  he vows to appoint an attorney general who will do just that. According to Chris Moody, in an article on Yahoo’s “The Ticket” some of the main producers of …

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