Wednesday, Oct 18, 2017
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Everyone is beautiful

09/14/13 So, it has started. My son was chosen to be the Guild School poster child. We agreed because we love the Guild School and what they done for my son. We also are trying to combat what my wife has posted about before, the incessant chatter about my son’s looks. He loves people and many times people shy away. …

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Spokane’s religion wrap-up: Easter baskets, genealogy, Passover and Tutu

09/14/13 For kids, the best part of Easter is getting a basket filled with bunny-shaped chocolates and plastic eggs filled with coins. But when was the last time mom got an Easter basket? This year Christ Kitchen is selling ‘grown-up Easter baskets’ filled with soups, breads and other home-made goodies. You can order online. (By the way, you still have …

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Paying off our nation’s debt is a spiritual issue

09/14/13 And so now, as often happens, we meet at the intersection of religion and politics streets. Representative Paul Ryan’s budget committee of the U.S. House has produced a budget that cuts 5.3 trillion dollars from projected deficits over the next decade, a formidable number that does not erase the whole thing, but makes a decent dent in it. When …

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It’s not gay couples marriage needs protection from

09/14/13 As a pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, I rejoice in the opportunity now offered by the state of Washington to marry same-sex couples. Not all my siblings in faith agree with me. Invitations crowd my mailbox to pray and act to protect marriage. From what, I wonder? People of faith are hotly divided. It’s a bit …

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Before politics, Mitt Romney was a Mormon bishop

09/14/13 The Mitt Romney whom many Americans see today is often depicted as wealthy, wooden and out of touch with the working class. To some, he seems gaffe prone, detached, even distant. But that’s not the man Boston Mormons knew in the late 1980s and early ’90s, when many saw him as an eloquent speaker, a compassionate counselor and a …

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Understanding reverence

09/14/13 One Sunday I was reminiscing about my time in Japan. I really came to love and admire parts of the Japanese culture and their small expressions to each other. I feel like the Japanese people were a good example of reverence. There’s certain things you just don’t do in public in Japan. And there are certain things you are …

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