Friday, Aug 18, 2017
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Go toward the light

09/14/13 A near death experience, or NDE, is a rare occurrence but a common source of fascination. Someone who nearly dies commonly experiences: feeling at peace, separating from their body, seeing a bright light, seeing a tunnel, seeing deceased relatives, entering a heavenly domain or having life review. NDEs and Religion The phenomenon happens universally to both spiritual and (previously) …

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On death and diapers

09/14/13 On Monday night a handful of organizers, five panelists and 40-some interested individuals gathered at Liberty Park United Methodist Church to discuss abolishing the death penalty. Shar Lichty of the Peace and Justice Action League of Spokane arranged the event, involving Sarah Schmidt of Amnesty International. I participated as a panelist speaking on the issue from the perspective of …

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Fighting for Spokane jobs

09/14/13 Members of the Spokane Alliance are convinced the Washington State Infrastructure Jobs Bond Bill can better Spokane. The bill could potentially create 40,000 jobs around the state and could generate about $100 million in taxes over the next three years. However, some are worried the bill would negatively impact Spokane's bond rating. On Friday the Spokane Alliance will hold …

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Santorum is not the best Christianity has to offer

09/14/13 Last week, I attended Rick Santorum's rally in Spokane Valley as one of a few protestors, a mixed group of Occupy Spokane and local clergy standing up for liberal, pro-humanity values. This article is partially a critique of Santorum, but I'd like to use his values as a springboard to talk about what values would be better than Santorum's, …

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BRIEF: Church to host Planned Parenthood leader

09/14/13 Karl Eastlund, president of the Great Washington and North Idaho Planned Parenthood, will speak Wednesday at Bethany Presbyterian Church about justice issues surrounding women's reproductive health. The discussion, which begins at 6:45 p.m., is part of the church's monthly speaker series. The public is invited to attend and participate in the discussion. Child care will be provided.

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Rick Santorum’s secret army: home-schoolers

09/14/13 Strapped for cash and paid staff, Rick Santorum has enlisted a ragtag but politically potent army to keep his campaign afloat: home-schoolers. Heading into Super Tuesday (March 6), Santorum is urging home-schoolers to organize rallies, to post favorable features on social media and to ring doorbells on his behalf. “Santorum has been very aggressive in reaching out to the …

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