Wednesday, May 24, 2017
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Obama exempts religious groups from contraception mandate

09/14/13 Facing growing furor from religious groups, President Obama on Friday unveiled an “accommodation'' in which health insurance companies, rather than religious institutions, will provide employees with contraception coverage. The revised approach effectively removes all faith-based organizations — not just houses of worship but also hospitals and universities — from covering employees' contraception costs. “Every woman should be in control …

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City buildings and churches

09/14/13 “A worship service is an act of organized religion that consecrates the place in which it is performed, making it a church” – Judge Pierre Leval I disagree with this judge's ruling and statement. As pastor of a church that currently meets in a city building, the East Central Community Center, in our neighborhood, I find the recent ruling …

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Obama to exempt religious groups from contraception mandate

09/14/13 Facing growing backlash from religious groups over the administration's birth control insurance plan, President Obama on Friday will unveil a new arrangement whereby insurers at religiously affiliated institutions — such as Catholic hospitals and universities — will not have to provide contraception coverage. The new approach effectively removes faith-based organizations from any involvement in providing contraceptive coverage or even …

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Five reasons why Obama is losing the contraception fight

09/14/13 The White House has surprised observers and disappointed some liberal allies by signaling that it is willing to compromise and provide a broader religious exemption in its controversial regulations requiring all employers to provide free contraception coverage. Given that birth control use is almost universal — even among Catholics — many wonder why the Obama administration could wind up …

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For Christian women is motherhood more important than a career?

09/14/13 Hi Karin, I was wondering how you would compare Dorothy Sayers’ view on women becoming human through the work force, particularly in light of the biblical call to give one’s self up in the service of others?  Is it not judgmental to say women who devote their energy to serving their children are less valuable than those who have …

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