Thursday, Aug 17, 2017
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Intelligent design is religion, not science

09/14/13 The NASA case involving David Coppedge has brought to light the issue of intelligent design again. Coppedge was a computer analyst and team leader working on NASA’s Cassini Saturn Project until he was fired for inappropriate conduct in the workplace. He claims religious discrimination, but NASA says he was harassing his co-workers. Whether he wins or not, Coppedge’s case …

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BRIEF: Panel at WSU to address gay friendly churches

09/14/13 Faith leaders from Pullman-area gay friendly churches will participate in a panel discussion from 7:30 to 9 p.m. on Tuesday at Washington State University. The panel, organized by the Gender/Identity Expression and Sexual Orientation Resource Center, will address two main questions. First, What is the significance of being able to live openly in one’s place of worship? And second, …

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Church should help those who “can’t play the game”

09/14/13 In an effort to get my head around all the things happening in the world, the United States, Washington State, and right here in good ol’ Spokane I have re-examined our primary purpose as a gospel bearing community of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. I looked at what we have in our church mission statement. All Saints Lutheran …

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BRIEF: Panel to examine gender studies and Christian universities

09/14/13 On April 3 Whitworth University will host a panel discussion titled, “The Future of Women’s and Gender Studies at Christian Universities.” In this discussion Whitworth professor of political science Julia Stronks will lead Linda Beail,  director of women’s studies at Point Loma Nazarene University, Beth Martin Birky, director of women’s studies at Goshen College, and Kristina LaCelle Peterson, department …

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What Would Jesus Brew? Lots, beer makers say

09/14/13 All this talk of beer was making the former seminarian thirsty. “Cheers,” said assistant brewer Christopher McGarvey, taking a sip from his pint of golden ale. Then he continued his lecture on the history of beer in ancient Samaria to a crowd of about 90 on the third floor of this city’s Front Street Brewery. McGarvey is a recent …

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Pastor finds community in local coffee shops

09/14/13 The Shop is one of my most favorite neighborhood hangouts and it’s undergoing another transformation due to the new owners re-imagining the space. I’ve been visiting off and on over the last few weeks, anxiously awaiting the ‘shoe to drop’ and see what they do with the space. Granted, it wasn’t the most artistically or aesthetically loved spot before, …

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