Sicco Rood

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Sicco Rood began exploring spiritual ideas in his teenage years and was drawn to those who followed a path of understanding, kindness, compassion and non-separation. This led him to Zen Buddhism and the practice of meditation. Rood is an active member of the Zen Center of Spokane.

Righteous anger

From a Buddhist perspective, I could keep this short and sweet, and regurgitate the words that “righteous anger” is part of the “three poisons” in Buddhism — greed, hatred, and ignorance —end of conversation.

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Hatred and fundamentalism

The news has been filled with hatred and killing since we, “the number one bad animal”, as some have called our species jokingly and affectionately, first started walking the earth. Whether killing is related to ideology turned fundamentalist, an, “unwavering attachment to a set of irreducible beliefs”, or to put it another way, an unquestioned insistence on a particular worldview or rigid adherence to an exceptionalist way of viewing the world.

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A night with the homeless

A group of us recently participated in an “Urban Plunge”, where we slept the night in a homeless shelter. We stood in the food line, ate and talked with Spokane’s homeless.

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