Thursday, Dec 14, 2017
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Kurt Bubna

Kurt Bubna

Kurt W. Bubna published his first book, “Epic Grace: Chronicles of a Recovering Idiot,” with Tyndale in 2013. He has recently published “Mr. & Mrs.: How to Thrive in Perfectly Imperfect Marriage” and two other books. Bubna is an active blogger, itinerate speaker, regular radio and television personality, and the Senior Pastor of Eastpoint Church, a large non-denominational congregation in Spokane Valley, Wash. He and his wife, Laura, have been married for nearly 40 years and have four grown children and six grandchildren.

What we can learn from zombies

I have a confession. Please don’t hate me. I know this will be a terrible shock to some of you, but I recently took my wife on a date to see "World War Z." Yes, that’s the new Brad Pitt movie about a war fought against billions of humans who get infected with a virus, die and then come back as zombies.

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Why listening matters most

For about 10 days now, I’ve been wrestling with the worst cold of my life, including my first ear infection in about 50 years. To say that it has affected my hearing would be a gross understatement. My wife has threatened to hurt me if I ask one more time, “What did you say?”

As a preacher, I talk for a living.

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How to avoid going crazy at Christmas

Life is busy. During the Christmas season, life tends to be WAY too busy. Add to that the reality of what I call Christmas craziness, and some of us might be headed for a nervous breakdown!

More than usual, at Christmas we tend to fill our lives with events, activities and duties that clutter up our hearts and minds.

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