Deb Conklin

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Rev. Deb Conklin’s wheels are always turning. How can the church make the world a better place? How can it make Spokane better? Her passions are many, including social justice in the mainline tradition, emergence and the post-modern and missional church.

Accountability is Not Justice

Let us be clear: we, as a nation, desperately needed for a law enforcement officer to (finally) be held accountable when s'he engaged in the unjustified killing of a civilian. And we got that — today. But will we get it again tomorrow, and next week and next year?

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Moral Implications of Responses to Current Pandemic

The main ethical debate in the U.S., up until now, has been the conflict between the lives (arguably) saved by a virtual shut down of the economy, and the economic costs of shutting down. This debate pits lives (and damaged health from the virus) against jobs and financial losses.

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Helping Build the New Local Based Economy

This year, the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting economic crisis (to which Congress — Democrats and Republicans alike — has responded by primarily funneling money to Wall Street and multi-national corporations) has renewed my commitment to actively work for change. The time has come for ALL OF US to join the effort to build a healthy local economy.

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