Chadron Hazelbaker

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Chadron Hazelbaker is an Associate Professor of Physical Education, Health, and Recreation at Eastern Washington University.

Leadership’s Dark Moment

“There is no way we’ll see leadership call in the military to restore order and fight against American citizens,” I thought. People are wise enough to see through the propaganda,” I believed. I was naïve and blinded by my own American hubris.

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Heartbroken, but hopeful for a better future

I am buoyed by the amazing scenes of Spokane police officers kneeling with protesters, and the amazing video of Chris Swanson, Sherriff In Genessee County Michigan, where the marginalized people of Flint still live with the consequences of trusting the governmental power structures.

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Stage Left presents “Bare,” a story of forbidden love & identity that will have you exploring your faith

"Bare" builds on the Shakespearian framework of the forbidden love, and explores the seven deadly sins, as they occur in a private Catholic high school. The limited dialog is stark and raw (mirroring conversations I’ve overheard in Spokane public school hallways – where no words or topics appear to be taboo), while the lyrics and music pull emotions along a full continuum.

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