August Coffee Talk: Wisdom

August Coffee Talk panelists discuss Wisdom
August Coffee Talk panelists discuss Wisdom

Seeking wisdom” by Julia Hayes

My perspective on wisdom may not be very pagan, but I don’t think wisdom can be defined by a perspective outside of itself. That being said, when I consider wisdom the only thing that comes to mind is insight. (READ MORE)

Pursuing Wisdom: Is something true because it’s Christian or Christian because it’s true?” by Eric Blauer

I was asked an interesting question after a recent chapel service, in which I had read a piece on the dangers of life from the author Jack London. (READ MORE)

Jesus as a follower of wisdom” by Thomas Schmidt

The major difficulty I have with writing about wisdom is that few people are very familiar with the concept. We just have not talked about it very much, so little so that most of us don’t even distinguish the ordinary language meaning of the term, wisdom, and the use of wisdom as the name of the Godhead Jesus often seems to have been following. This failure is as drastic as mistaking a human character trait, as in, she is a wise person, for the name of one of the gods who was present, as ancient tribal stories would have it, at the birth of creation. (READ MORE)

The Wisdom of a Sharp Axe” by Eric Blauer

I recently went camping and we invited one young man who had never been shown how to chop wood with an axe. I spent some time teaching him how to accomplish it without impaling himself in the shin. (Read More)


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