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recipe_leadershipMaking food and enjoying it with others is one of my greatest joys. As I sit to write about “What makes a good leader?” I see a recipe book in my mind. A cookbook provides fresh ways of combining ingredients to create exquisite meals. In most genres of cooking there are a few base ingredients that appear in every recipe. The ratio of those ingredients might fluctuate, but they are consistently present in some manner. As I thought about leadership, I imagine it being the same principle as a recipe. There are a few common ingredients in every good leader, but there are a myriad of ingredients that could come together and create a unique flavor. 

Below I’ve shared my “secret recipe” of leadership. (Well, the ingredients are all common place and there really is no secret!) These are ingredients that I’ve added into my own life on a daily basis and find the outcome is very worthwhile.

Annie May’s Favorite Leadership Recipe: 

TOTAL TIME: A life time

Prep Time: Depends on how much humility is in the air

Serves: A multitude

Difficulty Level: Requires much 



Be an Initiator

Ask Questions

Listen Well


Be Present & Aware

Embrace Conflict

Courage & Boldness

Be Vulnerable & Honest

Forgive Easily

See Opportunity in Everything

Commit to Grow Others


In your mind and heart decide to lead with Love and a Commitment to Grow Others. This requires you to Listen Well, be Present and Aware, and Ask Questions of yourself and those around you. You will begin to See Opportunity in Everything. Always Be an Initiator and Embrace Conflict when it comes. It takes Courage and Boldness to Forgive Easily. If circumstances start getting you down, Be Vulnerable & Honest about it. Make sure Humility is active, or else all other ingredients will not combine properly. 

Brown is a panelist at the upcoming Coffee Talk, “What makes a good leader?” at 10 a.m., June 7 at Indaba Coffee.

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Annie May Brown is a passionate and joyful soul who moved to Spokane in 2011 with hopes of pursuing, creating and cultivating rich and authentic community. Within a year of being in Spokane, her hopes are budding.

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