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Ask a Buddhist: Can Buddhism Cure Anxiety?

In a word, yes. Anxiety and other mental health issues can be overcome through studying, practicing and integrating the various methods found in Buddhist teachings, such as meditation. But for people with anxiety disorders, not a temporary worry or fear, Buddhist teachings and meditation are better used as an adjunct to other therapies and treatments recommended by qualified professionals.

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Ask a Buddhist: What is nirvana?

Within Buddhism, there are different tenet systems that have slightly different presentations or interpretations of the subtle meaning of liberation and nirvana, which requires a longer discussion.

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Ask a Buddhist: How do I address Buddhist nun?

I firmly believe the world is better off when we share the kindness we all have inside. Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Jew, atheist, whatever—no one owns the market on kindness. It's universal and much appreciated wherever it blooms.

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