Tuesday, Jul 26, 2016

DNC: Aiming High after others tried Low

Bernie Sanders fans at the DNC in Philadelphia/neverbutterfly - Flickr

Whether the Trump camp were taking notes for yet more plagiarism-is unclear, but there was plenty copy-worthy to go around, as that most admirable First Lady reminded us of what really matters when we step up every four years to vote for president, and how the choices we make set the course for years to come, ideally to inspire and protect our youth, not frighten or betray them.

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Can Hillary Clinton finally close the ‘God gap’?

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton speaks as U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown listens at the campus of the University of Cincinnati in Cincinnati, Ohio, July 18, 2016. REUTERS/William Philpott - RTSILR1

07/24/16By David Gibson (RNS) As Democrats gather for the convention in Philadelphia that will formally nominate Hillary Clinton, the party faces an extraordinarily fortuitous set of circumstances: her general election opponent, Republican nominee Donald Trump, finds himself leading a fractious party with too little cash on hand and sky-high negative ratings among key blocs of the electorate. Women, Latinos and ...

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POEM: Wu-Wei

pixabay image

07/23/16By Christi Ortiz   Ancient wisdom reminds us it is not in the doing, the best things in life you cannot force, like love, joy, peace, generosity, forgiveness, and lasting change. This is hard for our driven minds to understand we’re used to bulldozing our way through life to get what we want, our egocentric work ethic tells us: good ...

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