Thursday, Oct 27, 2016

Nationalism, Patriotism and My Values

Flickr photos of American flags by Vinoth Chandar

I am proud to be an American with a sense of equality and democracy, and the self-criticism demanded of each and every individual in a reasonable, empirical, and scientifically oriented social decision process.

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Ask A Catholic: How to go to Mass

Priest at Catholic Mass/Pixabay image

Catholic Mass can seem daunting to someone who rarely attends, or who may be setting foot in a Catholic Church for the first time. But believe me when I say this — there is nothing to be afraid of.

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What does Trump have to do with the Hindu sacred syllable, om?

poster of Hindus for Trump, which shows Donald Trump in a ‘yogi’ pose. HIndus for Trump

Republican nominee Donald Trump was recently invited to a fundraising event organized by a conservative group of Hindu Americans, the Republican Hindu Coalition. A poster from the event, which describes the group as “Hindus for Trump,” portrays the candidate in a posture much like that of a yogi in deep meditation.

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