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The gift of zero

Flickr photo by asenat29

Ernesto Tinajero Jul 23, 2014

Today, I turn a zero. I have have seen five zeros in my life and science says I might have two, three or four more zeros before meeting my end and seeing Jesus face-to-face.

New book tells story of forgotten black Mormons

(RNS1-JULY 22) Green Flake was born around 1828 and was one of the pioneers that migrated from the east coast to Utah with Brigham Young’s first company. For use with RNS-BLACK-MORMONS transmitted July 22, 2014. Photo courtesy Utah Department of Heritage & Arts

Peggy Fletcher Stack Jul 23, 2014

Green Flake was in the vanguard company of Mormon pioneers in 1847, driving a wagon into the Salt Lake Valley with LDS prophet Brigham Young, who famously declared Utah to be the right place to build Zion.

Citizens of this world

Nasa image of the earth

Alan Eschenbacher Jul 23, 2014

I am a patriot of the world. I find interest in my heritage of German, Russian, and English ancestors but I am none of those exclusively, I am a citizen of planet Earth and therefore responsible to the whole of humanity.

Father Knows Best: Steps toward reconciliation


Martin Elfert Jul 22, 2014

And then I might gently suggest to her that it isn’t too late to say, “I’m sorry – I made a mistake.”

Whitworth to celebrate 125 years


Tracy Simmons Jul 22, 2014

Whitworth University will mark its 125th anniversary with several events Oct. 9-12 for the Whitworth and Spokane communities.

Why is Pope Francis spending so much time going after the Mafia?

Pope Francis waves to the crowd in St. Peter?s Square on Tuesday (March 19) at the Vatican.

Josephine McKenna Jul 22, 2014

It began with the murder of an innocent 3-year-old boy who burned to death in his grandfather’s car in a Mafia ambush in January.

Is compassion a function of government?


Nick Batt Jul 21, 2014

This post is more of a question that the assertion of a proposition: Why do some people consider compassion to be a function of government?