Spokane Faith & Values is pleased to welcome two journalism interns to its team.

Charlene O'Connor is a senior at Whitworth University where she is working toward a bachelor's degree in communications, with minors in sociology and theology.

Christopher Robertson is majoring in  journalism at Bellevue College and spent several years studying world religions.

Both students will be spending the next few months writing news articles for the website, and will also assist in copy editing and social media marketing.


  1. What superpowers do wield or wish they had?
    Have they ever eaten anything we would call a pet?
    Do they regularly jaywalk?
    Do they use public bathrooms or wait until home?
    Do they park on or too close to the painted line?
    Do they order seven prefix type coffee drinks?
    Are they prone to regifting?
    Do they talk to thier pets like they are spouses?
    Do they pretend to be taking notes on their smart-gadgets but really are checking facebook?
    Do they have any tattoos we should be concerned about?
    What’s their gamer tags?
    Do they LARP?
    Who was their JH superstar crush and do they still harbor feelings for such person?

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