I read with interest an article that Congressional approval rating was at 12 percent in August 2012, three months before election, and 90 percent of the lawmakers were re-elected and sent back to Washington, D.C.. I am trying to understand what this really speaks to.

1.  Is there no one that can articulate a vision well enough to replace those in power?
2.  Have we succumbed to the idea that we as individuals really don’t have any power?

This is not a political question, but rather a personal inquiry as to what can be done to move our nation forward. I was raised in the ‘60s when we were propelled into civil rights by people that had been disempowered for over a century, a war ended, and ultimately a president removed from office — all done by the seeming disenfranchised. How did that happen? What has happened to our electorate since then?

The questions are rhetorical, but perhaps each of us may take the time to look into our own heart, ask ourselves what it is we believe in, and then determine how can we begin to move that belief forward while at the same time being able to work with others. There are no black and white answers. The future is ours to form from our individual visions.

Our country, I believe, is still the greatest country to live in and it has typically been the vision of a few that has propelled us forward. As a nation, we have become educated but, it seems, lost the ability to see beyond the next quarter and/or remember what changes we think need to be made at election time.

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  1. Ernesto Tinajero

    Your polls point to a known phenomena. People disapprove of Congress in general, but their local guy, they like him. The politicians know this and it gives them little incentive to do the will of the people in general. In all quarters, the politician goes in and tells his people that he too hates how things are done in Washington. They send him back to Washington. The local guys run against the national leaders from the other party. You have to send me back to stand against Nancy Pelosi or Paul Ryan (depending on the districts political bent) and the people send them back.

    The old saying goes, We prefer the devil we know than the devils of the unknown.

  2. It must of been that 60′s pot.

    Now that it’s legal in WA, we must be back on track to see true change or at least we will dream on, dream on, dream…on….

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