The Spokane Alliance released a statement this week expressing its disappointment in the Spokane City Council's 2013 budget decision.

After three consecutive weeks of Alliance members asking the council to pass a budget that saves jobs and services, the council voted 4 to 3 to close a $10 million deficit by eliminating 92 jobs.

At this week's meeting 60 Alliance members spoke against the 2013 budget.

Scott Hippe, a medical student represented by the Spokane Alliance, said, “The way that things went down in that meeting was disorganized.  The council spent an hour trying to get their share of $100K for each of their individual issues.  The city budget is $161 million dollars.  That just doesn’t make sense.”

He continued, “I’m hungry now, hungry to get stuff done in Spokane. People in Spokane need to know that the Spokane Alliance is the only organization that has been responding to the city council’s call for citizen comment.  We’re not just out for ourselves or one issue. We’re knowledgeable, we’re consistent, and we’re not going away.  We don’t get stopped by ideology. We’re able to find the gaps to move forward and take action on the things that we agree upon.”

How do you feel about the approved 2013 budget?


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