• Yes, it's happening all around us: 4
  • Yes, but it's going to take a lot of work: 4
  • Not likely: 3

On Wednesday night a group gathered at Chairs Coffee to discuss Pathways to Peace, ultimately discussing world peace.

Do you think such a thing is possible?


  1. Jim CastroLang

    According to my faith as a Progressive Christian, the coming of Jesus helped us to understand that the “Kingdom of God” is not some place up in the heavens that we go to after death (heaven) and it is not what some people like to call the Rapture event. Instead, the Kingdom of God is God’s vision for our world. God invites us to collaborate in community (we call it the Body of Christ) in being co-creators of this Kingdom. Since Peace is part of the Kingdom vision and all things are possible with God’s help and our cooperation, then YES World Peace is possible.

  2. John VanDerWalker

    I agree with Jim. I think that if we can conceive peace then it can be accomplished. The Kingdom is near, and while we do see evidence of peace all around but, sadly, it is not yet fully realized for all people all the time. As co-creators of the Kingdom, as Jim says, every act of life should be an effort to bring peace.

  3. The kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. Only God can change a warring, murderous heart. Full peace on earth is awaiting the King of the Kingdom. A day is dawning but has not fully come. We can’t get peace among Christians, our own souls and family relationships, let alone enemies. We need Jesus’s coming to bring what we cannot even walk within, anything else in my experience is pretty much nice talk. Show me were this peace you speak of is at work beyond a human heart and God?

  4. World peace appears to be, objectively, happening. We’ll never see a complete end to conflict and violence. It’s entirely unreasonable to expect that. Yet, violent deaths keep going down and down, and that has been happening for about 500 years. I think I might see the end of major conflicts in my time.

    The reasons for this, of course, are not mysterious. Immanuel Kant predicted that global trade would be the leading cause in reducing violence. We nations have a trade relationship, warfare becomes a much less appealing option for both sides. We’ve also made advancements in human rights, really only since the Enlightenment era, when science took precedence over superstition in determining the right order of values.

  5. A realist, based on ongoing years of peace and people work, right here among violent people. Yet another stabbing the other day…victim ended up bleeding and fleeing to a church parking lot. Ironic.

    I follow a God-man who was crucified, among thieves, before mockers and betrayers, at the hands of Rome and with the glee of Jerusalem. Almost every single one of his apostles were murdered too.

    To expect peace among men when our own bible, Lord, fathers and history testify of being fed to the beasts is to paint fantasy not reality.

  6. It is a collection of writing that is between 4000ish-2000 years old. A lot has changed since then. It’s not contrarian, it’s just fact. ಠ_ರೃ

  7. John VanDerWalker

    You really make me scramble some times. As followers of Jesus our primary function is to experience peace in him and incarnate that peace to others. There is already peace on earth, the entire earth is not at peace, but peace exists. To say that it isn’t going to happen does not sound like a statement of faith in the Prince of Peace but rather as a statement of resignation to idea that sin will win. Doesn’t work for me. I don’t think you mean that our (your) work for peace is in vain do you? Leaving it to Jesus is a cop out for me, he called us to do this. How God changes a warring murdering heart is usually with second heart filled with peace. Jesus made a deal with humanity in John 17:15-24 to empower disciples to bring peace into the world.
    I am optimistic as well, I am not however naive. We are a long way from global peace, but as long as there are folks like yourself peace is on earth.

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