1. This is actually a very difficult question and likely does not have a universal answer. This is because of the problem with the word “okay”. Is it “okay” by what standard? Is there an objective one? In many cases, it depends on the faith or religion in question. Perhaps a better way of phrasing it would be: should it be okay to date someone from outside your faith?

  2. Neal Schindler

    Case-by-case basis, depending on what the individuals involved in the relationship believe, how much their families’ opinions matter to them, and so on.

  3. Maybe its beneficial? One problem with religions is they become too ingrown. If Christians only date Christians, for example, then they never learn to see another perspective. They become hardened to any other viewpoint. Faith doesn’t grow unless its challenged, and being with someone of another faith challenges traditions and preconceptions.

  4. Why would someone need to date a person of a differing faith to learn about it? That seems like a bad way to go about things. People should just learn about other positions or be friends with a variety of people with varying perspectives. Adding the extra complication of dating seems to be asking for trouble.

    In fact, the bible even says that one should not be unequally yoked.

    You said, ” If Christians only date Christians, for example, then they never learn to see another perspective.”

    This seems to be clearly false. There are many ways in which a Christian might learn to see another perspective even if he/she only dates other Christians. There are many ways to be challenged and to resist being hardened to other viewpoints.

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