One of the main reasons I was encouraged to participate in the SUSI Program was to carry the true story about how much Palestinians suffer from the Israeli occupation. Most of what Americans watch on the news about the Palestinian – Israeli conflict is not true. Some of the American media is biased. One of my teachers in this program told that if it bleeds it leads, but the problem is we are bleeding and we are not leading! I’m sure if the Americans got the true image, they wouldn't accept how much we suffer and they would put pressure on the common American attitudes toward our conflict. Palestinians love freedom, so why are we different than other people? Why we can’t we be an independent country? Why we are we the last occupied country in the world? Why can't our children live in safe country like other children? As Rafeef Ziadah, the poet in this video, said “We Palestinians wake up every morning to teach the rest of the world life.” I’ve created this video to carry the true picture to the American public opinion.

Mohammed Kareem Hadia is 20-year-old Palestinian studying journalism at Birzeit University. He's studying journalism at Washington State University with 19 other students from the Middle East through July.

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  1. Your people are living a tragedy just as the Jews lived a tragedy under Hitler, while the leaders around the world hesitate to step in and stop the massacre. Keep showing your video to ordinary people, bypass the media that has lost its way and instead reach out to those whose hearts are receptive and who are not blinded by self-interest. In the end it is the will of the ordinary people which will pressure their leaders to act to stop a tragedy. Remember, the massacre was ended in Kosovo and it can be ended in Palestine but you must not turn inwards to grieve but rather use that grief to reach out to more and more ordinary people. Obama, like Clinton, will act, as long as enough ordinary Americans ask for him to act. Bless you for helping to give voice to your people.

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